Customer Service vs Customer Experience

A business is nothing without its customer, that’s why its important to put your customer first in your business strategy.

To stay ahead of your competition, it's important to have unique and personalized customer experience that go above and beyond, because customer loyalty is no longer based on product or price, but the experience a brand creates.

76% of consumers think companies should understand their expectations and needs, and they will seek out another company that will put in the time and effort to create a memorable customer experience.

The difference between Customer Service and Customer Experience

Customer service and customer experience are used interchangeably but the two mean different things.The goal of customer service is to assist customer with their questions and with their product selection process.

But all contact,from the moment a customer discovers your product, to purchasing the product and onward, that is where the customer experience journey takes place.

Customer experience is how the brand makes the customer feel at every touch point,forming an emotional connection. It focuses on the entire customer life cycle.

Customer service plays a crucial role within the customer experience journey. It’s should the top priority of your team members,not only used when a customer has an issue.

Putting a customer experience strategy in place to build a loyal customer base who will create hype whenever you launch anew product or service.

How to Create a Great Customer Experience

  • Simplify the buyer’s journey Make it easier for your customers to make a purchase on your website or on social media
  • Create an Emotional Connection Emotions shape the attitudes that lead to decisions. Customers become loyal because they see something in the company that appeals to them when they use a product or service.
  • Keep User Experience in Mind Customer experience extends to your design. Make sure that your website is user friendly and that your branding is consistent throughout your platforms such as social media, website,and email.
  • Capture Feedback Use survey, live chats, or emails to follow up with customer post-purchase to get feedback that can be use to improve
  • Measure the NPS Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures information by asking one question “Would you recommend this company to a family or friend”and its used as the standard benchmark for customer experience measurement.

Customer experience goes beyond just answering your customers' questions. It’s about truly understanding your customers, designing a plan to deliver great experiences, and implementing it across all touch points. Customer experiences does not just happen. If you want to improve on you customer experience you must make it a priority to your business.

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