Instagram Launches Tiktok clone, Reels

Instagram Reels is a feature within the Instagram app that allows users to create 15-second videos set to music. If that sounds familiar, it’s a Tiktok copy

Its not the first time that IG/Facebook has copied a feature from another app i.e. Snapchat, this isn’t even its first tiktok clone i.e. facebook Lasso.

When asked about the competing feature, TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer said:

 “At TikTok we welcome competition… To those who wish to launch competitive products, we say bring it on. Facebook is even launching another copycat product, Reels (tied to Instagram), after their other copycat Lasso failed quickly.”

The latest move by Facebook to undermine TikTok comes as the video platform faces increased scrutiny from the U.S. government over how it handles user data

How does it work?

The Instagram Reels feature is accessed through Instagram’s camera function, the same way that users can currently create Boomerangs or Live videos. Users can press and hold the circle button to start recording, and then have options for their 15-second video including AR filters, speed, effects, as well as a timer.

Reels can be shared through Stories, sent as direct messages, or kept at the top of a profile as part of a user’s Reels collection, the same way that Stories can be saved past their traditional 24-hour period. To try to go viral, users can also share Reels to be discovered on the Instagram Explore page through a new feature called Top Reels.

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