Is it Time to Hire a Social Media Manager?

As a business owner, You are already aware that your business having an active social media presence will expand your circle of potential clients, while also bring in sales from your current customers.

But with a long list of responsibilities, creating posts and constantly engaging might not be your top priority. This is where a social media manager can be an invaluable part of your business’s marketing strategy.

What is a social media manager?  

A social media manager is responsible for maintaining a consistent voice for a brand across social platforms. They responsible to creating content managing ad campaigns, providing customer service, and analyzing metrics to improve marketing efforts.

More than just posting content

There’s a misconception that a social media manager just gets paid to posting on social media. The term Social Media Management can have an overly broad definition. This is due to the large range of responsibilities and duties of the role. A social media manager sees the big picture, and they do research and create strategies that ties varies forms of content to a specific goal, and if anything changes, they can change with it.

Social media manager can also be responsible for:

  •  Creating content that has people returning back for more regularly
  • Getting people wanting to talk about a brand and share it with their friends
  •  Answering questions about a brand’s products or service, and also handling complaints
  • Tracking data and comparing it to the strategy they laid out
  • Creating compelling ads to reach New Customers
  • Developing a content calendar that ties into company announcements, holidays, and special campaigns
  •  Optimizing content for specific posts (what works for Facebook might not work for Pinterest)

How can a social media manager help your business?

If you wanted to make sure that your financial affairs were in order, you hire a accountant. If you want to make sure your business is covered legally, you hire a lawyer. If you are struggling with your social media efforts, of course you should reach out to a social media manager.

It saves so much time to delegate the task of creating communities, analyzing metrics, and creating posts that engage your audience to someone who lives, sleeps and breathe social media and is constantly learn more about the latest social media skills to better serve their clients.

Currently, there are so many businesses that still are not taking advantage of the full of social media, which will allow you to stand out from your competition.

And Social media takes time to grow and engaging community.  But hiring a social media manager will set you up for long term success that will help your brand stick to your customers’minds.

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Is it Time to Hire a Social Media Manager?

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