New Twitter Feature Shuts Down Trolls?

This week, Twitter has started testing a new setting that allows users to limit who can reply to their tweets. It’s similar to Facebook’s post view settings. 


Twitter Settings and Facebook Settings

Users will be able to choose between three options: Everyone, People You Follow, and Only People You Mention.  

If you limit replies to a tweet, those who fall within the limits will be able to replay (Friends, Followers, and those who are mentioned in the tweet). Anyone else will be unable to answer and shown a pop-up that will let them know why they can’t reply and the option to see the conversation. 

It’s currently in testing mode available to a limited group, and there’s no guarantee that it’ll become available for widespread use. 

Twitter says the feature is designed to give people control over the conversations they start. In theory, you could have more thoughtful, focused conversation with people of your choosing without trolls jumping in. 

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